Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Warm Weather Months

I am keeping up with my daily journal and have kept another separate log book for our travels in the trailer (and, prior to that, the pop-up camper). But I have neglected the blog. It's time for a quick update.

After our ukulele excitement, we got really carried away and bought guitars. It has been very fun to learn some chords and a couple of strum patterns and now I can honestly say that I play a couple of instruments. I go to a weekly ukulele group in town but almost all of my practice time at home goes to the guitar. We went to two bluegrass festivals in the area this summer which is sort of humbling. I will never catch up to the professionals but the music was fantastic and both of the venues were nice. 

Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Hovander Homestead Bluegrass Festival in Ferndale

Ray was home for the summer, working down at Cap Sante Marina as a dock attendant. He walked miles and miles, every day. He is now back at school in Seattle in a four bedroom apartment next to campus with three roommates.

Dave and I did a few trailer camping trips. The first trip of the summer was up to Lake Osoyoos in British Columbia. We also spent a week in Nevada with my brother camping by a couple of different lakes and met my sister on the Oregon coast in October.




I will skip the knitting photos. Imagine four pair of socks, a couple of sets of gloves and a small pile of hats. Same stuff every season...

Now fall is in full swing. Our fruit trees were good to us this year. We will have all the apple pie that anyone needs.