Thursday, September 03, 2015

3 Baby Quilts

I've finished three baby quilts for donation over the past couple of months. It was a project inspired by leftover charm squares and scraps and it felt good to get some use out of stuff that was just laying around. 

All of the quilts measure 39" x 47" after washing. I guess that makes them crib quilt size or thereabouts. My friend, Jeni, works for Navy Relief and they give welcome kits to families of new babies. I hear a lot of stories about these young sailors and their situations so I am happy to send some warmth their way.

They are machined quilted and the binding was sewn by machine, as well. Usually I hand stitch binding but I hope these get a lot of use and they will need to hold up well in the laundry.


Simon said...

Those young sailor's are lucky...
Bobo the leftover charm square ;-)

sam said...

They are really beautiful.