Saturday, October 11, 2014

Striped Cardigan

Here is a project that was five months in the making. It started out strong; I had an intense focus on finding the perfect pattern for a striped cardigan. I liked elements of several different designs and ended up making up my own mash-up pattern based on measurements I took of a sweater that I had on the shelf. 

After choosing the yarn and the colors for the imagined perfect sweater, the knitting went along without much of a hitch. But often, even as I was making good progress, I just put it aside. The original drive to make it seemed to peter out. Everything turned out pretty much as I had planned and I didn't have much ripping out to do. So, I should be happy but somehow, it is just one of those projects which is a bit "meh". 

I'll wear it and when I find some different buttons, I'll replace these that are a bit thin and not quite the right shade of blue. I think some metal or pewter buttons with a traditional flair would look better.

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