Thursday, June 05, 2014

Last Trip in the Camper

Potholes State Park

We took a three day trip to Eastern Washington while Ray was away at Disneyland with the high school band. Our destination wasn't very firmly outlined, which was good because we were turned around by snow. The Forest Service road that looked interesting on Google Earth was still in the grips of winter and it was easy to see that we needed to turn around and make a new plan.

En route to Troy, Oregon across the Blue Mountains

We enjoyed nosing around through farm towns and wheat fields. It is pretty country and there are surprises along the way like waterfalls and picturesque rivers and canyons.

Palouse River
We did like the trip a lot, but we talked the whole time about whether we should sell the camper. We had plans to use it again in August but otherwise, it wasn't going to get any more miles on it this summer. Dave gathered up some pictures and wrote an ad for Craigslist and it sold 30 minutes after posting. The couple who bought it was thrilled to find it and wrote a note later to tell Dave about their first excursion. I'm pretty sure it will now get a lot more use.

Farm country


Lewis and Clark Trails State Park

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