Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spiral Stashbuster Socks with Afterthought Heels

Here is a real mash up of yarns in a pair of socks - five different balls of leftovers. Since two of the stripes are so varicolored, the stripe pattern really doesn't show. So that part is a fail. But the real aim here was to use up some small balls and the overall effect is warm and pretty.

The pattern link is here. I only used the pattern for figuring out how to get the stripes going. Not wanting to do any heel shaping, I opted for an afterthought heel.

Knit the socks with a contrast waste yarn where the heel will go.

Blue yarn is the place holder.

Pick up stitches above and below the waste yarn.

Knit your heel like a toe on a top down sock.

1 comment:

Andi G said...

These socks are fabulous! They look so cozy. What a great stash busting idea.