Friday, August 23, 2013

Ray's Summer Photos

Ray went to Ecuador for three weeks with his high school Spanish teacher and one other student. It was a great opportunity to be somewhere new and foreign without his parents, to learn some more Spanish and to play the trumpet with a youth symphony in Cuenca. He didn't take many pictures but this is a shot of Gabriel, his teacher at the language school, taken on one of their field trips outside of the city.

He didn't take any pictures of his home stay family, and only this one shot of the house, but we did see his host mother once on Skype. She baked him a birthday cake and went to see his concert and he says he even ate his vegetables for her (and wore his hoodie when it was cold!). Good boy!

When he got home, he passed his driver's tests (easily) and Daddy bought him a car. Let's hear it for independence! Summer goes by so quickly - this one sure had a couple of important milestones. I'm actually going to miss driving him around.

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