Monday, July 22, 2013

Presents! {Twined Mats and Racy Pillowcases}

My friend, Dianne, is a virtuoso of craft. She has done every kind of craft (I swear!) involving fiber or fabric and she is FAST. She shares the love, too, and recently gave me a set of beautiful twined rag mats. She also loaned me a book on how to do this kind of weaving. Twining is used primarily for making rag rugs and I am intrigued. The first step is making a loom; since we have a full wood and machine shop in the backyard, I think that part is doable. It uses a lot of fabric - I think the finished product is fantastic.

Another one of my crafting buddies, Barbara, recently got completely carried away making pillowcases. She made eighteen pairs! Yes, 18!! She used flannel for half of them and batiks for the rest - she was thinking winter and summer versions. She let me choose my gift (Thank you!) and I picked a pair out of a beautiful pile. I thought the guys at my house would appreciate these "Babes in the Woods" but Ray kind of thought they looked scary. With such a strong focus on outdoor activities, I think they will make great pillowcases for the camper!

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Lori ann said...

hi sarina,

those are really pretty, my granma used to make similar rugs with strips of fabric. i tried it too and you are right, it takes a LOT of material!

i am visiting from andi's kal group, going through the blog list!