Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vancouver, B.C.

A friend of mine is from Vancouver and she goes back frequently to visit her family and friends. I had never been there, even though it is only a couple of hours from here, and we easily worked out a couple of days in our schedules to make a trip up there together. One of her friends with a quaint apartment downtown was away for a month so we had a place to stay and it was a nice holiday (as they say in Canada) for both of us. We visited with her mum at a coffee shop but mostly we had some girl time, shopping and eating interesting meals and going for long walks in a very clean and lively city. She liked driving me through some of the areas where she had lived long ago, showing me her childhood home and telling tales of youth and and adventures and old jobs and relationships. I liked it all - the big, sprawling parks and the tight neighborhoods, the cosmopolitan feel of the markets and the streets, the ethnic food and the long and lovely views.

Public Market

Maureen and her mum, Gloria
I have been trying, these days, to catch up with friends and reading and get some exercise and the garden in and work a bit at the clinic and not focus so much on the dumb quilts. Of course, I really don't think sewing is dumb but when I recently had a quick look back on the blog from five years ago, I didn't care at all about the socks I had posted about. Ray and Dave are what I care about the most and that's what I lingered over - what our life was like back then and the pictures and words that tried to capture a glimpse of it. This blog will never be much of a personal journal - I can't be all confessional and self revealing in public like some folks on the net - and it also has never become a real interactive blog as some popular craft blogs do. 

I think Mexican Yarns will continue to be what it has been all along - a place for me to record most of my projects and a small slice of my life with my family and friends. There will always be lulls - sometimes posting to the blog doesn't seem very important. I love my teenage boy and my dear, fine man and though I would love to write something here that does justice to our rich and easy life together, the words won't gel and I have no pictures. 

But I am working on the pictures for the next dumb quilt post. Kind of. When I feel like it...

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