Saturday, March 09, 2013

Triangle Quilt - Eleven Pictures

Bought the fabric in May 2012
Mostly Kaffe Fassett shot cottons
Triangles cut
Initial layout
Pairs sewn together
July 2012
Top complete
August 2012

Unfolded and admired
October 2012

Backing complete
Pin basted
December 2012

Early February 2013

I like the blues and greens
And the reds...

Striped binding

Large quilt photos are tough...
Thank goodness for "enhance" on iPhoto

10 months later, it's done.
The original inspiration for my triangle quilt came from Mary Dugan at Molly Flanders blog. Here is her Flickr picture; she said her quilt was inspired by an Anthropologie design which is referred to here. They all turn out a little different; Mary's is so playful and I love the red polka dots on the two borders. The original quilt is also lovely but isosceles triangles are more difficult to work with so, after a trial, I went with the equilateral version.

The finished size is 68" x 80". The quilting is a three stitch zig zag that crosses every seam. It's fine but doesn't really add much to the design like excellent quilting would. I don't love the backing, either, so I didn't take any shots of it. It's just as well - eleven pictures is plenty!

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The Buck Family said...

Wow, of the three, I'm in love with yours, not so much the other two. Nice rendition.