Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKYP Socks

I like to try out new yarns that I haven't used before and bought this soft and pretty yarn online. The shop is located in Gridley, California, near where I grew up so that was part of the appeal. Why on earth that matters is the subject for some psychology student, not me. I just thought, Gridley! How cool, though once I thought about it, I realized I have never left the freeway to see the town; it really is just a road sign that was close to home. Also, I think there is some old high school attitude buried in there somewhere; we must have played basketball against them or something. Gridley...just a name, but now a place to order yarn.

If you want both of your socks to be the same color, however, this is not the pair for you. They were both knit from the same skein (of course) but the hand dyeing process must have been unbalanced or something because the end of the skein was quite different from the beginning. The colors are rich and varied and there was no pooling or odd effects so it was nice to knit along and watch the colors change. I chose an uncomplicated pattern, Simple SKYP Socks, one that wouldn't compete with the dyes, but did these toe up with a short row heel.

The yarn is Beurre, a three-ply fingering weight 100% superwash merino wool. The color is Prairie. Here is the link for the online shop. Go Gridley!

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