Friday, February 08, 2013

California Solstice

Rancho Palos Verdes
Just before Christmas, we took a trip to Southern California. Ray and I flew down to LA, where we met Dave, who was finishing up a motorcycle trip to Mexico. He had the truck and camper down there already (with the bike on a trailer) so we were all set up to cruise and camp, road-trip style, all the way back home.

Watching the skateboarders
We spent a few days in the LA area, staying with Dave's sister and family in their small apartment with a killer view. Dave's parents were there, as well, so we baked cookies and feasted on treats and holiday meals. It was energizing, somehow, just to see so many palm trees swaying and flowers blooming and oranges and lemons hanging heavy from branches in December. The sun was shining and we shed our sweatshirts and coats and went out each day to a different beach.

Oh, yes, I do like your music!

My new look for Venice Beach
We drove north from LA on Christmas Day and it didn't seem crowded or smoggy or anything unpleasant. It was all glittery light and the air was soft and warm. I may have had my blinders on but it just seemed like we were moving through the mythical California, the land of milk and honey. 

San Simeon State Park

Hearst's Castle

San Bruno National Cemetery
Remembering the parents

San Francisco
Trinket from Chinatown

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