Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Union Jack Mats

I made a couple of placemats for Dianne to celebrate an upcoming fiber tour/vacation she will be taking to England. The placemats were finished in September but I held on to them and wrapped them up for Christmas. 

The original plan was to make her a tote bag but the first block came out way too big. Dianne's plan was revised as well - the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will be relocating the Textile study rooms, resulting in their group decision to delay the trip until the collection is back on full display.

I worked out the pattern (paper pieced) and achieved better diagonals on the second one. The union jack is such an icon - it was a fun design to mess around with.

I made one more small mat (8 1/2" x 11") for good measure. I was on a roll.


Catherine said...

Love those mats! did you just make the pattern yourself or is there a template somewhere?

Jeanne said...

I LOVE those!

Happy New Year!

Simon said...

These are awesome, but might not go over so big here in INDya!
...bloody colonizers.
Maybe a few cricket-bat cozys?

BTW I really like those socks you made (posted a bit later on) but am gonna comment here, mostly cuz that suspicious bloggerpage keeps making me squint at it's bot-blockin bidness.
But also just to put some chaos into this finely-tuned tatt-chat.

Simon said...

"I've proved myself so many times, the magnetic strip is worn thin."

-Bruce Cockburn