Monday, January 21, 2013

Laptop Case - Fail!

We were going on a trip over Christmas break and I wanted a padded case to protect my laptop. I looked around online but was unsure about materials and sizing. So I made one with a zipper top, using fleece interfacing to provide additional heft.

It's pretty...

but the computer wouldn't fit!  It was too small!
I used a flimsy freebie bag inside of my daypack for the trip and it worked just fine to keep my laptop from getting scratched up. Since I'm not planning to get a smaller computer, I hacked up the sewn case into a smaller bag to protect a rolodex I carry back and forth to work. 

Alas, it is also a bit of a fail. The rolodex fits perfectly but when I put it into my work bag and put my work bag into the drawer at home where I keep it, the drawer wouldn't quite close! 

I am using it now for a longer term knitting project that I have going, so I guess it will be useful after all. It just took a few tries to get it right.

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