Friday, September 14, 2012

Smash Book

We have a new Smash book for the camper. 

It is a scrapbook variation of journals and log books we have kept separately and together over the years, books that have recorded boat trips and flights and the construction of our cabin at Chilkat Lake. I know we don't have all of these old books - I lost custody of the rowing log books and the book we used to record all of our trips on our liveaboard boat, Inchmaree, must have been with all the charts when we sold the boat. Dave still has his flight logs, though, from the airplanes he has owned and the two journals we have from the cabin are here at home. It's good to look through them every now and then - it really helps to recall details, good and bad, and sort out some particulars from the general mush of memory.

The Smash Books are popular and readily available. I first saw them online but was happy to find a display at Michael's and also saw some at a small scrap booking store right here in town. The accessories aren't really necessary - any pen or glue stick would work - but it is a nice little package deal and seems just the right size for a journal. Now we just need to get the camper out on the road a bit more!

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