Thursday, December 01, 2011

More Summer Sampler Blocks

I have twelve blocks completed now for the Summer Sampler Quilt.  These first two were paper pieced with instructions from the Summer Sampler Series.

Evening Star

Kansas Dust Storm
 Two of the blocks are traditional, but I found cutting directions in a Fons and Porter magazine, Sampler Quilts and Blocks.

Churn Dash

Windblown Square

I followed the directions here for this next block, called Alpine Cross.

The last two blocks to make the blog were just sort of put together. Neither one is very original but they were not done with a pattern.

Yesterday I received a delivery of fabric for constructing the rest of the quilt.  I feel like 12 blocks is enough and think I will be able to find a layout that is suitable to finish this one off very soon.

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