Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Week

Working full time is taking a big chunk out of my week.  There have been some changes at the clinic with computerization and new personnel and I have been asked to work a lot more than usual.  I want to help and I still feel so lucky that I was able to have all summer off, knowing I would have a job to return to in the fall.  It has been absorbing to be there so much and help train a new nurse and learn (and teach) the new software. No day is the same.  My favorite chief complaint (the boiled down essence of why someone is coming to see the doctor): Night Fatigue.  Wuh? "I get soooo tired every night."

Our jeans-and-T-shirt boy looks pretty good in his new suit.  He has a concert next week with the Youth Symphony and needed some stage clothes.  He will wear a white shirt and black silk bow tie for the performance.  The purple is for Classy Day at school.

I missed the high school homecoming parade downtown yesterday. There were floats and convertibles with the "royalty court" and, my favorite, the marching band.  After work, we went to the football game and saw the parade at halftime. Former graduates were asked to stand and wave their hands so I guess that is the essence of homecoming.

The last home game has been played.  I began to get the Friday Night Lights feeling over the course of the season - parking a couple of blocks away, walking towards the field with the lights blazing and pep band music in the air, able to hear the announcer clearly from my car.  Now that we have been in town for more than two years, we know more people and I feel like part of the community.  I think I will always miss Juneau and the JDHS basketball games but even that has changed forever with the opening of the second high school.

It was fun to watch a talented young man rush for 337 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Too bad he was playing for the other side.  Our team lost the football game, but - we like to say - the band always wins.

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