Thursday, September 22, 2011

Intentions to blog on a regular basis fall away when life gets busy. I am back to work and seem to have stepped in to a new role as a band mom. Certainly I wanted to help with the uniform alterations and I had some pillows to donate for fund raising and some of the kids were making spirit bracelets out of parachute cord (I can help with that, methinks) and then there was discussion about buying all new uniforms or perhaps supplementing what we have and, well, I had an opinion about that so I took charge of gathering information - so, yeah, I am a band parent now.  It's good. I really like the band director who is a young, new teacher with enthusiasm and reasonable plans to build a strong music program throughout the schools.  I am happy to help.

I still feel like sewing non-stop but it has actually been nice to take a break from the Bernina and do some other things.  One doesn't want to miss the Steam Engine Show every year, after all.  There are trains and water pumps and buzz saws to look at. And it is nice to be out on a warm day with your dog, or to sit in the sun with an old friend and talk about the trips you have taken in your boat.

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