Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hexagon Pillow

Sometimes it helps to ask someone what they want.  A few years ago, at work, we were having a potluck to  mark some occasion around our friend Ruth.  Her favorite dessert, she said, was tapioca pudding.  I would never have thought to bring a jiggly bowl of goo to a party but Ruth got what she loved best because I remembered to ask.

I told Patty I was sewing like a fiend and asked, What shall I make you?  She said, A small pillow for my back to use when I am driving my car.

I had trouble with the zipper and fought the fraying linen. The hexagons were English paper pieced from scraps and the colors seemed all wrong in every combination. I decided, at one point, to throw the whole thing away, but it rested a while and eventually became a suitable small cushion for my pal.

The back

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