Saturday, July 23, 2011


Ray hangs around with Daniel, who has a cool Navy dad so when Dave suggests going to an airshow, he finds some takers pretty easily. Dave and the boys recently went to an airshow in Arlington and saw Steve there, working but pretty happy to be around all of the aircraft.  Steve is now a Commanding Officer for the Northwest Navy Recruiting District but we all still think of him as a Navy pilot. 

The mirror sunglasses seem to appear for airshows only. We all went to a Canadian airshow two years ago and there were younger faces behind the mirrors.  Also Donna... Hi, Donna!

One reason I post these older pictures, besides the enjoyment I get out of seeing the changes in Ray, is that the blog serves as a backup for photos.  I do have a portable hard drive and a Flickr account but if the house were to burn to the ground, we would have a lot of motorcycle photographs on Flickr and not much else.  Resolving to store my hard drive away from home and getting another photo storage site activated and updated doesn't make it happen.  At least I pay some attention to the blog.

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