Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilt Blogs

How does an internet derailment occur?

I can't quite remember how I went from my usual wanderings on blogs about knitting (and design, cooking, infertility, art, photography...well, mostly knitting) to being obsessed with quilt blogs and new lines of fabric.

Quilt Dad? I don't know how I got there, but there I was, looking at virtual quilting bees, online fabric stores, Etsy and blogs.  Lots of blogs.  My sister asked me which ones I liked and I couldn't say.  There were so many that they all blurred together.

My mind was fuzzy but I made it down to the local fabric stores and brought home a bag of new yardage.  It must be time to make a quilt.


John said...

Oooh, nice one looking up. Betcha got your shirt muddy!

Evelyn Jackson said...

Hi there. Thanks for dropping by :) I fell into the same trap you have just fallen into. I am a knitter and was starting an interest in quilting. I then spent hours and hours online looking at all the quilty blogs. Now I think I've found all the ones I love and watch them through Google Reader. As for Ravelry, it is a fantastic place and I can't believe you've only just found it. Get ready to lose the next few months of your life just browsing around, queueing, commenting and planning. Ha ha ha. Enjoy! PS, there are loads of great places to buy cheap fabrics online. Check my blog for places I buy from :) Ev