Wednesday, March 02, 2011


There are rowers in town and they are organized.  They have boats and schedules and a website.  There are established crews and club rules and, happily, there is a welcoming attitude and newcomers are encouraged to participate.

Michele Pope photo
I have joined the club and have been out a few times as a substitute.  The usual set-up is a four person crew with a coxswain (aka a master) who sits in the stern and calls out commands in a friendly way.  At least one of the boats has a rudder; none have sliding seats but the rigging varies a bit.  They are all beautiful classic wooden boats.
Michele Pope photo
We hope for nice days out on the water and scheduled outings are canceled if it is rainy or windy or foggy. Monday morning, I was at the dock at 0700 and five men and five women left together in two boats. It was 34 degrees, calm and cloudy.  It was a short, winter row but it was good to get out there.

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