Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A House in a Holler

We found our house online.  We limited our search to places with a shop and some land - a reaction to living in a townhouse in a city ringed by mountains.  Some feeling of spaciousness, please!

It is luxurious to have light and elbow room and more sky and sun.  One elegant friend, though, standing there in his Italian loafers, remarked "Oh, this is like a cabin!"  He is a sophisticated fellow.  And another woman said, "Your house is kind of in a holler."

So, no pretensions here.  Our cabin in a holler is a sunny spot in a cloudy climate, warm in the winter, with room around it to grow tomatoes.  Our neighbors are friendly.  There are no barking dogs and we only hear the rooster in the morning when we walk down to get the newspaper.  The Navy jets fly overhead on occasion, making a horrible noise, but someone in the family thinks all airplanes are cool. It's a good spot.

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