Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dave's sister, Lauren, likes to look at real estate online.  She has a good eye for property and she finds it interesting to study areas and see what places are available.  She looked at Reno listings while we searching for a house there and would us send links on occasion. 

One day, she said, "We're looking at Anacortes.  There is good sailing right there on Puget Sound and it's a small town and looks like a great spot."

Dave, the research arm of the family, switched gears and started looking at Anacortes real estate websites.  And the condensed version of the story is -- we found a place, he came down to have a look and we bought it.  The plan to move to Reno evaporated.

We were helped along (enabled, one might say) by our friends, John Corso and Dianne Corso.  They had moved from Juneau to Anacortes in 2006.  We had a lot of help from them during every phase of the move.  Did John just need an excuse to go for a motorcycle ride and take pictures of houses with his new iPhone?  Perhaps, but having a report from a friend on the ground meant a lot.  We were 900 miles away.

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