Sunday, May 04, 2008

Science Fair

Life is normal and life is strange. Ray has a science fair project and I have a phone growing out of my ear. My sister, my other sister, then my brother. Then the sisters again, my brother and then my niece. Then my brother, my sister and my mom. Later, my sister. Things settle down. It was all just a tangent yesterday, sort of unrelated to my mom but it is all related somehow. Those small, noisy people I shared a bathroom with all those years ago are still down the hall. Family forever.

The sibs found a place for Mom. The tours and consultations with professionals resulted in a decision to house her in Assisted Living instead of straight into the Alzheimer's unit. She is "high functioning" and the more protected area is right next door. We are all lined up. Mom is okay with it. Calling it an apartment instead of a nursing home seems to help. She wants a new recliner. She tears up and cries, "I was an only child." Which means, I guess, that she has always been independent. I try the neighborhood analogy. There will be neighbors at the new place, people who will look in on you and who will need you to look out for them. I dunno. She will move in a few days and I will go down in a couple of weeks.

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