Thursday, May 31, 2007

Carpentry at the Cabin

We finished nine windows at the cabin last weekend. We used the planer, the jointer, three saws, two sanders and a nail gun and all of the tools were powered by the sun.

The window trim makes a big difference upstairs. It seemed like the work was going slowly day by day because we ran out of material and had to scrounge for wood under the shop. By the end of the three days, though, the progress was visible and satisfying. Dave and I both like that kind of work and we do well together. It was a good time.

Ray's idea of a good time involved his .22 rifle and a box of 525 shells. He shot into cardboard boxes, aluminum cans and various other targets. He also built boats out of duct tape, wood scraps and nails, and sent them sailing from one dock to the other.

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