Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Project That Failed

I purchased a couple of balls of Karaoke because I have wanted to try some of the new fibers. This yarn is 50% wool and 50% soy silk, which is interesting by itself, but it also has lovely colors and long color runs. I had read about the yarn on the web and when I saw some in a local yarn store, I didn't hesitate. I brought some home.

My first attempt at a Karaoke project was to make socks. However, the knitted fabric was a little too stiff for comfortable socks. Then, without making a swatch or really looking into how the yarn performs, I made a bag with US 11 needles and dumped it in the washer. I have made about eight to ten felted projects before and didn't use a pattern or read up on how to proceed. The yarn label said "felt" right on it so I just plowed ahead.

I saw my pretty bag there in the suds and a little voice started to speak up. 50% soy? Maybe it doesn't act exactly like wool. I did a google search and read that I should knit Karaoke at its recommended gauge for felting, not to use the standard approach of large needles and super loose fabric. Uh-oh...

An hour of agitation did nothing but ruin the yarn. The bag did not felt and even the knitted cord for the handle looked awful. The only way to call this project a success would be to say it looks good from a galloping horse.


Cheryl said...

Wow, I really thought that stuff would have felted. I used it for that short row hat I made and it seemed like a very feltable yarn. But you're right about the soy silk, I don't think that felts.

Dianne Corso said...

A good reminder for us all. I tried spinning so silk. Its OK, but I don't think I'll do it again.Silk is much nicer to the touch.