Thursday, September 14, 2006

A New Chapter

Dave got a job! He will be Juneau's new Airport Manager. After four years of unemployment/retirement, he was ready to return to work and this position is a good fit for him. He is interested in city government and he hangs out at the airport most days anyway. He might as well get paid for it.
I am suspicious that he actually just wants to buy more toys (defined as anything with an engine). Today a guy named Leonard called. He has an airboat for sale. It sounds like we are shopping for an airboat. Possibly a hovercraft. Another motorcycle. Snowmachine. Float plane. Aircraft carrier.
Cashmere. Bernina.
Congratulations, Dave!

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Dianne Corso said...

Bernina. Cashmere. Spinning wheel. More cashmere, in roving form.