Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Shrugs are pretty specialized garments and I sure don't have much use for one. But wanting to make something is different than wanting to have something. I saw a picture of a six year old ballerina on Bluestocking and a vision of my niece popped into my head. Why, we have a six year old ballerina in our family!

I was playing around with beaded knitting at the time so I changed a lot about the pattern used in the photo I saw. I read the pattern then made up my own, using a sleeve stitch adapted from Odessa and an edging from a scarf by Annie Modesitt in Scarf Style. The edging doesn't show and I think the shrug barely fit Luna but it was fun to make and it will get passed on to another little darling some day. That is good enough for me.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful! And it looks so adorable on her! What a wonderful idea.

Jeanne said...

I'll say again, how fascinating the evolution of a pattern can be. You took my mom's version of the IK shrug -- already adapted -- and blended it with Odessa's wonderfully sinuous lines to make something all your own!