Thursday, August 10, 2006


You never know what you will discover on the Costco book table. A strong desire for Indian food has surfaced recently and a few dishes have resulted, thanks to recipes from my friend, Patty, and everybody's friend, the Internet. Yesterday ten dollars got me a beautifully photographed cookbook with recipes for a full range of regional dishes. How fun is that?

It is interesting to contemplate where the interest comes from. Most likely it is from the fiction that I choose to read. Some of my favorite books of the last two years were set in India or were written by Indian immigrants. Books I really liked include A Fine Balance, Family Matters, The Namesake, The Life of Pi, and Interpreter of Maladies. And just to round out the theme, we recently rented the video, Bend It Like Beckham, which is much more than a soccer movie. I'll be watching Monsoon Wedding again soon, I'm sure.

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John said...

I get most of my recipes via Google these days, but the books have mouth-watering pictures to get you motivated. I think there's a food website that lets you enter whatever ingredients you have at hand, then comes up with a recipe for them. I tried "wheat chex, mustard pickle, and chocolate sauce" but the result did not sound hopeful.