Friday, July 28, 2006

Eye Candy

Mendenhall Glacier

Bloggers participate in various group activities, and I haven't been much of a joiner. But Eye Candy Friday appeals to me. Juneau is such a pretty place and one reason I have the blog is to try to improve my photography.

This is a picture of the Mendenhall Glacier and the valley where our house is. This is a classic photo spot in this town, especially when the fireweed are in bloom in the foreground. There are usually busloads of tourists here from the cruise ships but this morning there were only locals with their cameras. The clouds finally lifted.


kim said...

That is one amazing picture...I can see why it's the big photo-taking spot.

Welcome back to blogging!

Jeanne said...

So refreshing! What a postcard-picture to take my mind off our our heatwave --

Wendee said...

I found you through Eye Candy Friday and was so excited to show my husband your blog - he lived in Juneau for a few years and has such fond memories of the area - it was fun to have him "get" one of the crafty sites I enjoy!