Saturday, July 08, 2006

Electric Fence

When we land the plane at the Chilkat Lake airstrip, we gather our things and go off to the cabin. We may not see the plane for days. It really isn't too far from the lake where people live and there is boat traffic nearby but the plane is virtually unattended. It is not at all like leaving it tied down at an airport surrounded by chainlink or putting it in a hangar.

Bears are curious and strong. Moose are really big and rather clumsy and dumb. And porcupines can't be trusted. They like to eat rubber. We don't want any curious, stupid or hungry animals anywhere near the plane. Damage to a tire, a wing or the tail in a place like this would lead to expensive and logistically complicated repairs.

So Dave has devised a corral with an electric fence that seems to do the trick. We don't worry too much about the plane even though it is miles away. Better safe than sorry.

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