Monday, February 06, 2006

Plan C

Plan A

We move to Puerto Vallarta for the school year. We will enjoy the mild weather and the luxury of not working.

Plan B

Dave does not have quite enough to do. He is a bit tired of reading books and cooking up chiles rellenos for dinner. He wants to buy a neighbor's motorcycle and cruise around the back roads, just to look around and for something to do.

You can imagine the discussion that ensued, between a former ER nurse and a father of two.

Anyway, it turns out the neighbor didn't have a title for the bike, so the plan was shelved.

Plan C

Go back to Alaska and take the snowmachine in to the cabin. Have fun, Dave.


Cheryl said...

What an incredible picture of Alaska! And how different from where you are now. That must be quite an adjustment.

kim said...

Gorgeous pic...but Yikes! Brrrrr....

Dipsy D. said...

Well... I'd go for the Plan A thing any day :) Such an amazing photo of Alaska, I suppose with such a view I wouldn't even mind the cold there - or would I? :) Best wishes from snowy, cold Austria!