Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bye Bye Blog

Sweeping at the cabin
I am done with this blog. It is finished and will not have any more entries. My original intention was to create a record of impressions and photographs of our time in Mexico. Continuing on from this point risks straying into the trivial or the repetitive. The world probably does not need to know what books I am reading or that we are having tamales for dinner again.

I failed to capture some things. I love all the mental images I have of old people in town, and the scenes of people sweeping the streets and sidewalks. Pointing a camera at such folks is not something I have been able to do, however. It seems rude. Also I never did get a good picture of a burro... Oh, well, there will always be burros.

Of course, I will continue to knit and to read knitting blogs. I just don't feel like the knitting alone is enough to sustain my writing. Documenting my knitting has been mildly interesting for me, but hardly necessary. It is no big deal.

Thanks for looking in. Adios.


kim said...

I will be sorry to see you go...I really enjoyed your commentary on life...the knitting was just a bonus.

You'll be missed!

Cheryl said...

I'll miss your blog too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us!

dave said...

I love the blog, the pics, and you..

Mimi said...

Thank you. I enjoyed your artistic eye and beautiful photography. I miss Mexico in general and Puerto Vallarta in particular, so will miss your blog. Best wishes for your future endeavors!

Jeanne said...

I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful photographs, and reading your thoughts on your adventures. Adios --

quiltyknitwit said...

It was a great little blog - very artistic and colorful. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you sign off so soon, I bet you still have some yarn to spin.
See you in Juneau this summer if everything works out. Still in Maine but hopefully headed to Venezuela soon