Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Daughter

We sure miss the girl.

Katherine has spent the last four months living in Istanbul with Turkish families, has learned to speak quite a bit of Turkish and has become friends with teenagers from Turkey and other countries. She has gained so much independence and has grown up so much. (Note mature self portrait.) She hangs out at a Nargile cafe, where the drug of choice is flavored tobacco smoked out of water pipes. She prefers chocolate, however, and just hangs out there because of the cute boys.

Rotary International is her sponsor for exchange. We are not planning to go to Turkey to visit while she is there. This is her experience. She will return to Juneau some time in June or July; the dates are vague. She leaves in two weeks for her first bus tour of the country, a tour arranged by Rotary for all of their exchange students. It will be a chance to see places outside of Istanbul that she has read about. She is very interested in the architecture and history, and is aware and appreciative of how lucky she is to be there. "How many people can say they studied ballet in Istanbul?" All this from a girl who used to have 27 Barbies.

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