Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crismas List


1. Crismas list 1 and 2
2. Questions 2
3. Extra 2

1. Crismas list

Hi santa, this year I am 8 years old and I would like: A Detective Kit, The complet Calvin and Hobbes books 1,2 and 3, A 100 page book on science, A spy Kit inclueding Movment sensors and layzers and more, three tickets to Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire one child and two adults, all the books of Garfield not one, two and three, two scary books, 50 more Yu-Gi-O cards and The Harry potter and the

Prisoner of Askaband Game boy (TM) Game.
2. Questions
I was wondering some things about you. How old are you? Why are you so nice? How much do your elves paid each? How much of the year do your elves work? How many elves do you have? How old are they? and How do you Know if children are bad or good?
3. Extra
Can you tell me a cople jokes? Thank you
Write back. From Raymond Lee Palmer bye! or adios!
Dear Santa, Can you give me this?
4 cell Phones, 1 small t.v., Play Station, Game cube, X box, Secret club house, 3 big t.v. s, 3 A-Bombs, Blank I.D., A labtop with enternet, inventions, a small rocket that takes pictures in space, a flying robot and a rocket that can go on any paper airplane, and hear's my lazer-pen design:
(Drawing of pen labeled) lazer exit, lazer rays, Buton that shoots the Lazers.

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kim said...

I love the Christmas list...that takes me back a bit...and makes me look forward to when TMO can write out her own. Right now, she's been carrying around the Target toy catalogue and pointing out her favourite toy.