Tuesday, November 15, 2005


After shopping at Costco and Home Depot, we had no excuse. With an eight year old and a six year old, we had to go to Disneyland. It was for the children.

Ray managed to ride in the front seat in the front car on every ride. We didn't figure out how the FastPass system worked until late in the day so we spent most of the day in line. Ray never seemed to mind. But truly, it was worth it. Ray was thrilled. "That was the best ever!" he said.

There were technical problems on Space Mountain and our ride was halted just before the end. We waited in silence, then in the dark. The room lights came on and we saw the maze of roller coaster tracks and stairs. The people I live with who like to know how things work were delighted. After a few minutes, Disneyland staff gave our car a push and we went back to the beginning for another ride. It was a small bonus after waiting in line for an hour. And we had a very happy child.


The Lone Alaskan said...

Hey Sarina!
I just read all of your entries in one sitting! I love your blog. The writing style and the page format is very nice. Simple.Clean.
I will talk to you guys soon. Ha. You have inspired me to keep up my own blog. Glad to hear that disneyland was so much fun!
Love you all!

John Corso said...

Disneyland is the easy stuff. Wait 'til Ray wants to do the front seat of every ride at Six Flags.