Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blog Break

We went to Los Angeles for five days. Our tourist visas in Mexico were only good for six months so it made sense to leave the country, so we could reenter and restart the timer. We had some free tickets that had to be used before expiring. Bud needed a computer with an English operating system. Lauren and Craig live there. We missed Luna. Off to California we went.

Lauren works in San Pedro at the Marine Mammal Care Center. Her patients are generally elephant seals, sea lions and harbor seals. Sick or injured, they are gathered from nearby beaches or buoys and brought in for days or weeks of veterinary care. The list of diagnoses this week included parasites, gun shot wounds, prolapsed uterus and liver abscess. Sometimes the answer is found on necropsy but many animals recover and are released as soon as possible. Discharge criteria can be as simple as eating a few dead fish.

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