Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hot and Humid

The nights are still hot. A sheet will do for sleeping. Shorts are required for decency but clothes really don't feel necessary. My cotton bathrobe from Chinatown is too heavy. The fans have been spinning in the apartment for two months, but it has rarely felt cool. We don't use the oven and I want to climb into the refrigerator. No one here wants to work on the house we see being built across the way.

People seem adapted to the heat and humidity, just like we adapt to the cold and rain of Juneau. The buses and sidewalks are filled with people going about their day. Streets are swept and garbage is bagged. Children in their uniforms make their way to and from school. Families spill out of the houses to sit on the curb and talk to their friends and neighbors. Music pours out of open doors and windows. The fireworks burst from the pirate ship. Always Puerto Vallarta seems to throb with life. It is very late in the evening before the doors of the houses begin to close and the quiet begins.

We choose the shady side of the street and walk slow. We take two or three showers a day. The weather is due to change soon. Walking slow is okay for now.

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Skywatcher-'ella' said...

Hey Seesta!!!
LOOK!!! I am the FIRST to write in your BLOG! I feel honored...yep, yep...:)

Reading your thoughts here jolts my realization of the passage of time and how your life has evolved... YOU HAVE KIDS (for cryin' out loud)!!! Too cool... I wish I could see you with them. They are lucky to have a mom like YOU. I'm sure they know that...:)

More someday...
Love, NOW*...

xoxo, Alison :)